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SEEKING THE LIGHT by Christine Callahan

So let's talk about light. In Genesis 1:3 God spoke, "Let there be light," and guess what? THERE WAS LIGHT. Plain and simple. It's nice to know that God believed that when He spoke, it would happen. No doubt...no fear...He didn't hope it would happen or be timid when He spoke and wonder if He was worthy enough to declare it to happen. He knew who He was...Almighty God, Creator of the universe.

Now people are a different story. They make a mess of everything because they have no clue of who they are. Some people even lack the courage to get out of bed because they have this formula working in their lives:


Now, It would seem silly to put God into this formula because God is not
a failure. Even though his creation sinned (mankind), God himself did not sin and He NEVER fails. Doubt, fear, and depression all work inside the dark places of the mind.

Genesis 1:4 it says, "God saw that the light was good, so he divided the light from the darkness."

Now, here are some questions to consider:

Does God need to come in and divide the light from the darkness in your home or family? Or even at a more personal level? Genesis 1:2 says the earth was empty and had no form. Is your life feeling empty and formless? Does He need to turn the light on in your darkness?

Everyday people wander around this planet with such emptiness inside. God has good things for us, yet we refuse to let Him speak into our lives. We think, "We are what we are" and it will never change. That, my friend is the definition of empty and void of life. I know that I have moments where darkness tries to hide in the corners of my heart. There are times when my life seems like the very foundations lose shape and want to come crashing down all around me, but I cannot despair. I cannot lose sight. I allow God in His vastness to enter into my life by turning on the light and reshaping my world. I begin to feel confident in Him and realizing that when God creates, it is always good. Let this be the "first day" of your new life in Jesus. Let evening pass (Genesis 1:5) and let morning come. For it is a new day and so much more needs to be done. Let Him be your Creator to the fullest. Let Him make your life into something beautiful so that others can enjoy the blessings of just knowing Him through you.
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