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It is important to remember the reason why Jesus suffered and died on the cross. He did not do it simply to show us how to live a good life, do good works, and sacrifice for others. While these may be worthwhile sentiments, Jesus’ purpose was one with far greater value. His purpose was to restore all righteousness and in so doing he would undo the curse of sin (rebellion to God) which Adam placed on all mankind. Because of Adam’s sin all mankind lost their inheritance and was separated from the love and presence of God. Because of Adam’s sin all mankind was denied a life free of death, sickness, disease, pain and poverty. Through Adam’s sin all mankind would be thrust into a world full of fear, depression, ignorance, confusion, and indifference.

But Jesus died on the cross and rose again from the grave. Through his blood all sin is washed away. Through the brokenness of his body all sickness is healed. Through his resurrection, death is defeated. Because of the righteousness and purity of his blood, mankind can again have access to Father God through the Holy Spirit. The fulfillment and destiny of mankind can now be realized. For man was not created to be self serving. He was created to be God serving but not merely a servant in the master’s household but as sons and daughters of God, joint heirs with Christ Jesus. Because of this we no longer have to live a life full of fear, depression, ignorance, confusion and indifference. Instead, through our inheritance, life can be lived full of joy, comfort, knowledge, and most of all, glorious purpose.

For God does not create pieces of junk or worthless heaps of trash. No, you are wonderfully and beautifully made. He knew from the beginning every hair on your head, every cell in your body, and every quirk in your personality. He is the one who placed the talents and desires within us. He is a proud father who wants only to see his children succeed. This is why he gave his son. That through the death of one, he may gain many. All of this was done freely and freely it can be received. There are only two requirements that must be met. One, you must acknowledge and repent (turn from) sin and two, you must choose to believe.

So, if you choose to believe, then praise God in everything you do. If you are an artist, praise Him in your art. If you are a musician then praise Him in your music. If you are a carpenter then praise Him in your craft. If you practice law then practice it as you would to God and serve others as Jesus would have served them. In all things praise the Lord and worship Him and you will be successful in whatever you desire to accomplish.
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