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Is it true that God is a generous God?

Yes! It is in His very nature to bless. He also wants us to live abundantly, to enjoy life, and to have many great adventures.

Now, are we supposed to just get fat on all of those blessings that God has given to us?

Definitely not! It is not pleasing to the Lord for us to hoard all of His blessings or to hide the light that God has placed in us. God loves to give and we must do the same! Living in fear or shame and hiding our light causes us to conform to the ways of this world. Darkness truly prevails when we try to cover our light. Light cannot blend with darkness. We, who are believers in Jesus Christ, must live in the light.

For some, coming into the light is not a comfortable thing.

Light exposes things that were once hidden in darkness, but we must have enough courage to believe and trust in God that He will take those vulnerable and dirty places in our lives and make them sparkle and shine.

One of the most beautiful things in the world is a diamond, but it does not come out of the earth the way it is presented in a jeweler’s shop. There is a process, which takes time. We are all like a diamond in the hands of King Jesus who is the Master Jeweler. The Bible says that we didn’t choose Him. He chose us. Isn’t that wonderful? Others would have passed right over us, but He didn’t. He took us out of the dark places of this world and exposed us to His light. He saw the potential in us even though our natural state was dirty, unlovely, and rough to the touch. Carefully and with great tenderness, He began to cut off the broken pieces, shaping and forming us into His precious jewel. Yes, we are precious to Him! He treasures us! That’s why Jesus went to the cross. He put us before Himself. That is true love. The Bible says that there is no greater love than he who would lay down his life for another. With His loving eyes gazing upon us, He holds us up and smiles at the beauty of His craftsmanship. Then He shines His light upon us. What was once dirty, broken, and worthless has now become invaluable. Just as a diamond is transparent, we are now transparent before Him. We absorb the light and refract His glory everywhere we go.

And now here is the part where we come in. It is our destiny to be generous with the knowledge of what we know about Jesus. Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. That world is right outside your door. Time is so short for many who may have only seconds to receive the Good News. Be the light. Let others know there is a way out of darkness. Give your testimony freely of what God has done for you. Let His love radiate through you to others. Put others before yourself and let’s bring in this harvest of souls together before it is too late.
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