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Prophecy Concerning ISIS - What Every Believer Should Know

On September 19, 2014, the Holy Spirit imparted to me a powerful vision and prophecy during an intercessory prayer meeting.  I believe that it is necessary to share this with as many followers of Jesus as I can. 

I saw the world as if looking down upon it from above.  My eyes focused on Israel and the countries in the Middle East.  As I looked upon what appeared to be Iraq and Syria, I saw black flags. They began to spread rapidly.  They were blown by the wind north, south, east and west, and all fell before them.  The nations of the world were struck with confusion and fear, for no one could seem to stop the spread of the black flags.

Even as the black flags grew in size and number, I saw something rising up in their midst.  It was a cross—blackened, charred, and covered in blood. The black flags attacked the cross with hateful vengeance.  They clawed and hacked at it doing everything they could to destroy it.  The more they tried to destroy it, the larger it grew casting streams of light throughout the earth. 

At this point, the Spirit began to show me faces, not just any faces, but the faces of martyrs; those who had given their lives for the sake of the Gospel throughout time, even going back to Stephen.  As He showed me these things I was reminded that many came to Christ when they witnessed the courage, boldness, supernatural love, forgiveness, and even peace shown by those martyrs to their tormentors.  I was reminded by the Spirit that it is when the body of Christ is persecuted that it grows the greatest and often the fastest. 

As I spoke this vision out, I began to understand the new directive the Holy Spirit was giving us who had met together to pray.  Like many others we had been angered by the beheadings of the two reporters and the outright genocide of Christians currently taking place.  Also, like many others we had been praying for the destruction of ISIS, Islam, and those within.  We viewed them as unsalvageable, but the Spirit was showing us that this is not so.  Of this, we had to repent.  Our new directive was to pray for the elect, those whom God has called and chosen to come to Christ from within ISIS and Islam, even those who were torturing and murdering our brother and sisters in Christ.

The Holy Spirit reminded us strongly that the Apostle Paul was at one time much like these men within ISIS.   He was personally responsible for the murder of many, including Stephen. The account of Stephen’s martyrdom at the hand of Paul (then called Saul), can be found in the Bible, Acts Chapter 7.  Paul’s persecution of the church would continue to grow from this point.  He was given authority to root out believers in Jesus Christ from among the Jewish faith—many he would throw into prison and others he would have stoned.  He threw himself into his new position with great zealousness, even going to towns and cities other than Jerusalem.  In the course of performing his “duty to God” to subdue all those who would teach the blasphemous belief that Jesus was the Messiah, Paul would find himself on the road to Damascus.  Here he would literally be brought to his knees before Jesus Christ.  In an instant, his world was changed and from that point on he proceeded to change the world.  The account of this can be found in the book of Acts chapter 9.

Through this the Holy Spirit began to show me a new vision, and a new radical strategy in prayer for the Middle East, specifically over the situation with ISIS.  I heard Him speak, “Pray for the one!”  I began to see a vision of a man who like Saul, was very zealous for his cause, and like Saul he was placed in charge of the subjugation of those who refused to follow Islam, especially Christians.  Like Saul, he believes with all his heart and soul that he is doing the will of God, and he carries out his job with conviction and efficiency. He is troubled though.  For, like Saul, he has seen peace, love, and forgiveness in the eyes of many of the Christians he has killed. Like Paul, God has a different plan for his life; one that will change the lives of hundreds of thousands within ISIS, Islam, and the Middle East.  Like Paul, he is going to have a face to face encounter with Jesus Christ.  We in the west may never know his name, but we are to pray for him and any others like him to come forth.

We are also to pray for those Christian brothers and sisters who will face death during this time.  We must pray that their faith will not waiver. If it is their time and deliverance does not come in this life, even as it did not come for Stephen, they will meet their fate with boldness, compassion, and forgiveness—even the same forgiveness that Christ himself exhibited to all of us.

Have faith children of God, repent, believe, and know that He is God.  Have no fear for He is in control of all that is happening on the earth and in heaven.  These things that we are witnessing now are according to His timing.  For He wishes that all should have an opportunity to live eternally.  He wishes that none should perish.  His compassion for man is great, and we need to live in that compassion.  Do not allow fear, hatred, and anger to control your thoughts and especially your prayers. Instead approach your intercession with humility. Pray what the Spirit gives you to pray, and believe that it will come to pass, no matter how impossible it may seem.

God Bless You All,

Chris Callahan

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