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The Call To Carry The Cross
I have been carrying the cross for about 14 years now, mostly in the Tulare county area and all over the state of California from Sacramento to South of LA. I have also carried through most of the west coast states Oregon, Washington and Alaska, and have also been to Washington DC.

The ministry is based off of Matthew 10:38, "Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me." In my particular case I am taking up the cross as a visual representation of the cross that all Christians are supposed to be carrying spiritually.
The focus of the ministry is threefold one is to plant the seed of the Gospel in everyone who sees and everyone I meet along the way. When someone has an encounter with a person carrying a cross they cannot help but think of Jesus. No matter how they may feel about Him, or what they believe, they are forced deal with the Gospel message, God's love and the promise of salvation for all those who believe. It is my prayer that even if they have absolutely no knowledge of Christ, what they see will germinate curiosity and they will seek out answers to the question, "What is this man doing and why?" Over the years I have had the great pleasure of meeting many who were driven to the Lord through either seeing me or someone like me carrying a cross on the side of the road. It is a wonder how such a simple thing can affect people in such a powerful way without even a word being spoken to them.

Of course, being an evangelist, the second focus is on reaping a harvest. I have lost count of how many people I have had the pleasure of seeing give their lives over to Jesus. I have watched in awe as people have dropped to their knees and started pouring out their heart in repentance before the cross without a word even being spoken by me. I have been privileged to lead many to Jesus on many street corners, sidewalks, parking lots, in fields, in public parks, in front of gas stations, restaurants, and bars. Each one of these are a miracle. They did not come through a strong persuasive argument or fancy words on my part but through the convicting power of the Holy Spirit moving through a vessel that is willing to be used. In this, I realize that I am not all that unique, for God can use anyone who is willing. The third focus, is another thing that is close to my heart. The church needs encouragement. We live in a country that has given us much freedom. Yet, especially in the USA, there has existed for years a type of soft persecution of the church. It comes in the form of "Political Correctness"--the idea that somehow a Christian speaking out about their faith and telling someone about the love and saving grace of Christ's sacrifice on the cross is trampling on the rights of others. This idea has been well grounded into my generation and those who come after it. In my opinion, this persecution has caused the church at large to retreat into the four walls of the buildings they inhabit. For the most part they have quit reaching out both as individuals and as church bodies. Many have forgotten the first part of the Great Commission, "Go into the world..." It is my hope; it is my prayer, that every believer in Christ that views me carrying the cross will be filled with conviction, inspired with boldness, and moved to ask God, "What can I do to reach people?"
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