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Comming to Farmersville April 21, 2018 
What is an RTC Block Party?
In practical application RTC Block Parties are exactly that. They are a party, complete with food, games, bounce houses, door prizes, prize drawings, DJs, and live music entertainment. Everything is provided free of charge to all who attended. Most importantly of course is the presentation of the Gospel through personal testimonies of local Christians, pastors, and ministers.
They are also a whole lot of fun!!! 

How can I participate?

1.  Set up a Booth.

2.  Volunteer.
We can always use volunteers to help with setup and teardown. If interested in helping please fill out the contact form and let us know that you would like to help in the message box. If you have a skill set that you think would be helpful please let us know that information also. C & C Callahan Ministries is a 501C3 organization. Youth volunteers can use this time for community service requirements.  

3.  Financial Support.
Your tax deductable donation is greatly appreciated!
To set up a booth or volunteer please fill out your contact infromation below. If setting up a booth be sure to include a brief descriptione of your organization or buisness and the booth you would like to set up.

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