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can set up a booth?

               You can set up a booth if you are a Church, Ministry, Non-Profit organization, Business, or government                                    organization (for example; Fire Department or Police etc.)

  Are there any fees for booths? 

                No.  All participation at all levels is free. We do not charge any fees for setting up booths.

                While there are no application fees you must apply to set up a booth.  You can do so by sending us your                                      information and that of your organization.  Please use the website contact form. 

  What should my booth look like? 
                1.     Fill your booth with information about your Church, business, or organization and how you serve the                                       public. 

  1.        2.     Have something to give away.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Simple little items like plastic bracelet with                      your logo or Christian message on it, it may be a small toy, or maybe a food item.  (All food items must be                      given out for free no exceptions).
  2.        3.     Have a game for people to play.  For example, a ring, or bean bag toss etc. Anything that will give kids a fun,                  and safe activity to do. 
  3.        4.     Fill your booth with love and fun.

  Can I sell items at my booth?

                 No.  RTC is an outreach ministry. Our intent is to be a blessing to the community.  As such we provide everything                  free of charge to all who come.  Booths are intended to be a source of information about your church, business, or                  organization.

  Do I have to be a Christian?

                No.  You do not have to be a “Christian” nor Christian organization or business. 

                However, we respectively request that you present yourself and your organization appropriately for a Christian                     event.  

  Please fill out the website contact form if you have any questions?

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